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Poultry Trade Partners

Poultry Trade Partners is the trading platform from Poultry Partners and is based in Nijkerk, the aorta of the poultry world of business. Our definition from trading is not only buying and selling based on supply and demand. We aim for a relationship with our clients and customers and to understand from the manufacturer which markets should be tapped to generate stable sales.

The team of Poultry Trade Partners has extensive experience in the poultry industry in the areas of slaughter and production processes. Here lies the knowledge where value is generated for producer and consumer. We also advise on production methods and optimal use of raw materials which valorisation plays a key role.

Our vision is to differentiate ourselves by giving direction to clients and producers whereby we use our knowledge to achieve "best practice" for both parties. Eventually a commercial advantage comes out what is not, by definition, the purchase price but rather is achieved through collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

Our mission is simple, Connecting Businesses. We are an organization that seeks to her knowledge for solutions and thinks in possibilities. Through years of experience in the poultry sector, we are able to fix the existing issues from our current and new relationships into opportunities. We stand for quality, punctuality and profit in which we not lose sight of sustainability.

a selection from our range

Chicken leg quarter Chicken leg quarter
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Chicken fillet single (with skin) Chicken fillet single (with skin)
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Chicken inner fillet Chicken inner fillet
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